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Publication Participation includes:

Wood, G. M., Tilzer, S. A., Gollahon, K. A. and Lindsay, J. M., 1979
Association Between Immunoglobulin and Macrophages in Primary Methylcholanthrene-Induced Sarcomas.  Cancer Res.  39:4588-4593.

 Lindsay, J. M., Manning, L. S. and Wood, G. M., November 1982
“Immunoglobulin Bound Exclusively to Fe Receptors on Macrophages in and Macrophages in Methylcholanthrene-Induced Murine Tumors,” J. Natl. Cancer Inst., 69:1163-1174

Parenteral Drug Association Environmental Task Force, 1990, “Fundamentals of a Microbiological Environmental Monitoring Program,” J. Parent. Sci. & Tech., Supplemental Technical Report No. 13, Vol. 44, No. S1.

PDA Biotechnology Cleaning Validation Committee, Cleaning and Cleaning Validation:  A Biotechnology Perspective, published 1996 by the Parenteral Drug Association.

PhRMA Biological and Biotechnology Committee White Paper Task Force, 1998, “Environmental Control and Monitoring in Bulk Manufacturing Facilities for Biological Products,” published in Pharmaceutical Technology, and BioPharm, May, 1998, and in press in Pharmaceutical Technology - Asia, and Pharmaceutical Technology - Europe.

Parenteral Drug Association Microbiological Training Subcommittee, 2001, “A Proposed Training Model for the Microbiological Function in the Pharmaceutical Industry,” J. Parent. Sci. & Tech., Supplement, Technical Report No. 35, Vol. 55, No. 6, in press.

“Environmental Impact on Media Fills”, Chapter 14 in "Environmental Monitoring: A Comprehensive Handbook, Volume 2,"  Jeanne Moldenhauer, editor, DHI Publishing, River Grove, IL, 2005.

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